Visiting Information

We understand how important it is for people to know where their puppy comes from, and for this reason we welcome visitors.  

 We do work 7 days a week, however we do have set visiting hours (between 10am and 2pm) and we open on selected days of the week.   We are closed to all visitors on Sundays (No exceptions).   We have set routines every day, so we do require 2 days notice if people are planning to visit so we can adjust our day accordingly. We limit our visitors to 4 appointments per day that we are open.  

 We are happy to show you our babies and adult dogs, however please keep in mind the following:

 Let us know in advance if your children are afraid of dogs, we often have dogs wandering free, although they are friendly and are always looking for a pat this can be quite scary to some children.   If we know in advance we can ensure they don't make contact with your kids.

 If you have allergies and are checking to see if you react to your puppy, let us know so we can make sure that you do not come into contact with our other dogs.

 Not all puppies are allowed to be picked up; new born babies can be viewed but not handled.

 Puppies are fragile, and we have had children (and adults) drop them which is very distressing for everyone and does have the potential for a disastrous outcome.   Puppies wriggle unexpectedly; if you are not confident holding a puppy please ask Heather or Cathy to hold it for you.

All children must be sitting on the ground before being allowed to hold the puppies, please help us and supervise your children and do not allow them to walk with the puppies, and always remain still ensure they are always sitting down.

 We ask that you check with us first at to what dogs you can and cannot go in with.   All of our dogs are friendly, however I am sure you can appreciate some new mums can be a bit overwhelmed having unfamiliar people peering over her and her new babies.  

 We are a private residence/home business , please respect this and call (03 5146 4250) or email to make an appointment .  

Please note , we plan the days we are open in advance however they are subject to change as it does depend on what plans or other commitments pop up.                                                                    


      August 2018











 1 - Closed  
3 - Closed
  4 - Open
5 - Closed
       6 - Open
   7 - Closed
   8- Open
      9- Closed
10- Open
  11- Open
12- Closed

13 - Closed

14 -Open

15- Closed

16- Open

17 - Closed

  18- Closed

19 - Closed

    20- Open

     21- Closed

22- Open

23- Closed

24 - Open

25 -Closed

26 - Closed

27 - Closed


       29 -Closed

     30 - Open







September 2018









1 - Open

A fternoon appts only

3 - Closed

3 – Open

4 - Closed

5 – Open

6 - Closed

7- Closed

8- Closed

9 - Closed

10 - Closed

11 - Open

12 – Closed

13 - Open

14 - Closed

15 - Open

16 - Closed

17 - Open

18 - Closed

19 - Open

20 - Closed

22 - Open

22 - Open

23 - Closed

24 - Closed

25 - Open

26 - Closed

27 - Closed

28 - Closed

29 - Open

30 - Closed

31 - Open