Buying Procedure

Update 16.11.2020

Our waiting list is on hold for the remainder of 2020, we will re-assess in early 2021 once we have a better idea of what puppies we are expecting to have born.

Waiting list information 

Our waiting list will open on Monday September 28th at 10.30am and the link will be placed on our What’s Available Page.

You will need to submit the online form and pay the $100 fee to be added to the waiting list - Please see below further information.

You must complete the form and submit it to be on the waiting list.  EFT details are on our website, deposits will need to be paid within 24 hrs.  If you prefer to pay with Credit Card please tick the CC box and we will contact you to organise to take the details over the phone.

You will be placed on the waiting list in order that the forms are returned (providing the deposit is paid within 24hrs).

As each litter is born we will work our way down the list. 

Number 1 person has 1st choice

Number 2 person 2nd choice and so on

Example of this waiting list:

Number 1 person takes a puppy, number 2 person decides not to, so number 3 person has 2nd choice. 

We continue to work our way down the waiting list until each puppy is sold. 

We are sorry – some people will have the choice of a few puppies whereas others may only have the pick of 1. 

It is the unfortunate scenario of a waiting list…..

If you are offered a puppy and choose not to take it you will be removed from the waiting list and refunded 50% of your $100 deposit, regardless if you had first or last pick of the litter.




When will the puppies be available to purchase? 


  • We will email photos when the puppies are 5 weeks old and if restrictions allow people that are offered a puppy can organise to come and meet the puppies at 6 weeks old.


Does everyone on the waiting list receive photos of the puppies?


  • No sorry, we will email photos in order of the waiting list.



Will I receive photos of the puppies prior to 5 weeks?


  • We prefer to wait until the puppies are 5 weeks old as we will have an idea of size, markings, coat colour and type by then.



What if I am offered a puppy and would prefer to wait for a specific colour or gender.


  • Sorry by choosing to be added to our waiting list you are agreeing to be flexible.



What if I pay the deposit then change my mind?


  • You will be given a 50% refund of your deposit.



Can I have first choice of the litter?



  • No you will be offered a puppy in the order of the waiting list.



Can I come and meet my puppy and their parents?



  • We will only re-open to visitors when Covid Restrictions allow visitors.

Will I get photos of the parents?

  • Yes we are currently updating our photos and we will email parent pic's with puppy photos.

Are you dogs genetically tested?

  • Yes all of our dogs are genetically tested.



When does the waiting list open?

  • Our waiting list will open at 10.30 Monday September 28th.



Do I need to pay the $100 deposit to go on the waiting list?


  • Yes, you will have 24hrs from lodging your form to pay the $100 deposit.



Will I be guaranteed a puppy in your next litter if I join your waiting list?

  • Unfortunately we are not able to guarantee you a puppy in our next litter.  The puppies are offered in the order that we received each form. 


Only 1 form is to be lodged per person, (to be fair), you cannot lodge a form on behalf of friends or family members. Additional forms lodged will be removed.


How do I find out where I am on the waiting list?

  • Please email Cathy –



I have been emailing you for months, I should be further up the list?

  • Our waiting list opens to everyone on September 28th at 10.30am.  We have not had a waiting list prior to then.

Will you keep me up to date with what litters you are expecting to have born.?

  • We won't be sending individual emails however we do keep our what's available page up to date and will note on there once we have a confirmed pregnancy.  You are always welcome to contact us, Cathy is easier to contact via email, but you are welcome to call on 03 5146 4250.



How much are your Cavoodles?


  • $5500, desexed, vaccinated and microchipped – Price is subject to change 



Do I get a discount as my friend has one of your puppies or I’m a returning customer?


  • Sorry no discounts apply.



Can I have my puppy not desexed?


  • No sorry all of puppies are sold desexed.


When is the next instalment of my deposit due?

  • The 50% deposit is due at 6 weeks (less $100 paid) with the remainder of the balance is due 3 working days prior to taking home your puppy.

I've been waiting for months and still haven't been offered a puppy?

  • If you have been on the waiting list for 6 months, we will contact you and confirm if you wish to receive a refund (of your $100 deposit) or if you wish to remain on the waiting list.



  • Puppies will be ready for their new homes when they are 9 w eeks old.    


We organise to deliver the puppy's to Melbourne when the litter is 9 weeks old and our trips are generally always on a Friday and meet a designated stops along the Monash and Tullamarine Freeway’s from around 6am onwards, we don’t charge a delivery fee.


  • Sorry no interstate or international transport available due to Covid restrictions  

Deposit Information

EFT Payment Details:

Omega Park Kennels

ANZ Bank
BSB: 013 795
ACC: 4276 33712
REF: Your Full Name

Credit Card Payments:

We will contact you via email and organise a time to take the details over the phone.