Buying Procedure

We have no waiting lists and work on first in first serve basis.

Puppy's will be available for purchase from 6 weeks old - once they have had their 1st vaccination and vet check,  we take photos of the puppy's and they will be placed on our website a few days prior to them being available to purchase.


We work on first in first serve via the phone (time and date will for each litter will be on our what's available page)

  • We start answering the phone at a set time
  • We only have 1 phone line
  • As one person hangs up we take the next call
  • The lines are generally busy as we can only answer 1 call at a time
  • Most people call a number of times and many don't get through
  • People who call ahead of time will often go through to the answering machine - we don't respond to the answering machine messages on the morning that puppies are available to purchase.

Available puppies and details will be on our What's available page, yes you are welcome to come and meet the puppies in advance however we are sorry we are not able to hold puppies as we feel that would be unfair to interstate families wishing to purchase a puppy as many are not able to come and view them in advance.


We will require a the 50% deposit, with the balance due 3 days prior to the puppies  going to their new homes.

We will send more photos to you of your puppy again at 7 weeks old so you can see how much your puppy has grown.

Yes sometimes people miss out on the puppy of their choice, we encourage parents not to tell their kids of their decision to purchase one of our puppies until they have paid their deposit.


  • We are very sorry to those people who wish we still had a waiting list, we tried that method for many years and found it was not working for us.  Almost everyone wants "pick of the litter", and to be fair we had to work in the order that people returned their form.
  • Mother nature doesn't take "pre orders" so we can never knew what colours and genders our girls would have so people could often wait for months only to be disappointed when we didn't have the desired colour or gender born.
  • Sometimes babies don't pass their vet check so it's difficult telling people the puppy they have been looking forward to getting for months won't be able to go home with them.

Personally, it's less stressful for us to go with our current method and we are very sorry to those families who miss out.


Choose your puppy:            


Yes you can come and see our facilities, parents and meet us, as we are open to visitors (please view our visiting calendar for our opening days and times) please contact us 24 hours prior in case we need to change our schedule around.  Yes you are welcome to come and meet the babies prior to them being available for purchase, sorry as we have no waiting lists so we are not able to put a hold on a puppy. 
We hope you understand that we do like to wait until the puppy's are at least 5 weeks old before allowing people to meet them, we feel this a good age as they walking around and starting to interact with humans.  It is a big decision and you need to be confident in your choice, and we're happy to help.  Ask as many questions as you wish.


Once you have purchased your puppy you will need to pay a deposit.

  • We require a 50% non refundable deposit which can be paid via Direct Deposit or Credit Card.

  •   We will then send you the relevant paperwork, which will enable us to Microchip the puppy directly into your name.   We will also send you puppy information to help you prepare for the arrival of your little one.

  • You are welcome to come and meet your puppy within 7 days of paying your deposit and if you are not happy with the puppy we will fully refund your deposit.

  • You will receive new photos again at  7 weeks old and you take your puppy home at 9 weeks.        


  • Full payment is required 3 working days prior to the puppy leaving Omega Park. You're welcome to pay EFT or Credit Card.  If you're collecting your puppy from Omega Park or we are meeting you at one of our Melbourne stops, you are welcome to pay the balance Cash on Delivery, please confirm payment option ahead of time.  Yes all puppies come with a Tax Invoice.


  • Delivery
Puppies will be ready for their new homes when they are 9 weeks old.    
We organise to deliver the puppy's to Melbourne when the litter is 9 weeks old and our trips are generally always on a Friday and meet a various stops from around 6am onwards.
We have designated stops along the Monash Freeway, City Link and Tullamarine Freeway to Airport West and we are happy to meet you at one of these stops to collect your puppy. 
Yes you are welcome to come and collect your puppy from Omega Park.


  •     Interstate Via Air


We fly puppy’s interstate, generally on Fridays.   This gives families the chance to have their new puppy home with them for the weekend to help the puppy to settle in and family members to bond with their new puppy. We try to book our schedule in advance so you will have enough time to organise collection of your puppy.


If you would like your puppy to fly on a specific day, we can arrange this however there will be an $80 - $95 fee for delivery to Melbourne.

  •     Travel Crates
We use hire crates for Air Travel.   If you wish to purchase a crate please contact us as and will arrange for you to keep the crate your puppy travels in.
  •     Puppy Packs
Our puppy packs contain a slicker brush, soft toy, puppy treats, puppy's next wormer.
  •      Visiting

We are open to visitors Monday to Friday and 2 Saturday's per month, between 10am and 2pm, we are very busy so appointments are necessary. Sorry we are closed on Sundays.