Health Guarantee

When welcoming any pet into your life and home you will need to consider that there may be unexpected illness, heartache or expense.   We do our best to ensure that we provide our customers with a healthy and happy pet, however we are not able to guarantee that your puppy will never become ill or may need unexpected vet care.


  • All puppies are fully vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped, desexed and treated for parasites.     


  • All puppies have a health guarantee in accordance with Victorian Government Domestic Animal Business code of practice.  


  • If your puppy becomes ill or you have health concerns we can be contacted any time on 03 5146 4250.   In most cases we will be able to solve your problem over the phone.
    • We will require a vet report, and we have the right to seek a second opinion by a vet of our choice and may choose to seek the opinion of our own local vet in Sale.
    • The health guarantee does not cover things which can occur in almost any dog, examples are (but not limited to) loose patellas, uneven bites, skin allergies, ear infections etc.