Things to think about

Before making the decision to buy a puppy, please consider the following:

Are you ready for a puppy?

Puppies can be demanding and as with all new babies there will be some adjusting as you and your puppy settle into each other lives. Puppies can be boisterous, disobedient and sometimes quite naughty. The first 4 weeks of puppy ownership is usually the most challenging, almost every puppy will cry for the first couple of nights (as they miss their siblings), and you need to prepare yourself for this.  Training and socialising is important, and the more time and energy you invest the more you will be rewarded by owning a well behaved and well socialised pet.
Do you have time for a dog?
The cute puppy that you bring home is going to grow into a dog and during this time their needs will change.   The first few weeks is settling in and teaching basic commands, this period can be difficult for people with smaller children as puppies will often push the limits by jumping up and play biting.   Once puppies have their second Vaccination (at 12 weeks) it’s time to take them for walks and start socialisation.   Adolescence can often be challenging as puppies require exercise, time and attention.   Dogs are often better behaved if they’re allowed time to “burn up” energy, long walks and runs in the park are great.
Before choosing a puppy you need to be sure that your work and family life allows you to make time for your dog.

Have you selected a dog that is going to suitable to your lifestyle and home environment?

It’s important that the puppy you choose matches your lifestyle. As the average age of most dogs is between 10 – 14 years. The cute puppy you choose is going to be a part of your life for many wonderful years.

Family Friendly

We feel all our breeds are suitable for family’s and consider them to be “family friendly”. This doesn’t mean that we only suggest people with children purchase them. Our term family friendly suggests they are suited to everyone that would like a pet that is not going to show aggression towards humans or other pets. Our recommendation with any breed of dog is children should always be supervised and training is recommended.


All Omega Park puppies are desexed prior to leaving. This is carried out by a veterinarian and is no way detrimental to the health, growth or well being of your puppy.
If you’ve considered the above, and feel you’re ready for a puppy, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you to select your new pet.

When you shouldn't buy a puppy.....


Don’t buy a puppy if you and your family are not 100% committed to owing a dog.   As parents, we understand that children often spend a lot of time pestering us for new pets.   Please, don’t consider buying a puppy unless it’s going to be a family pet,  as everyone in your home will play a part in raising and caring for your new puppy.   It’s heartbreaking, hearing stories of dogs that are not wanted because their families no longer have time for them.