Omega Park Cavoodles are a cross between the Cavalier and the Miniature Poodle. We only breed a 1st generation Cavoodles as we feel they have the best of both parent breeds.  Cavoodles are beautiful sweet natured lovable dogs and are suited to all age groups and most lifestyles.  

They will happily tag along to the children's sporting activities, however are just as comfortable greeting everyone when you have coffee at your local cafe.  They are "free with their love" which we find is one of their best attributes as they don't tend to bond only with the pack leader of the home (who ever takes the most care of them), they will be excited to see the kids when they walk through the door and still have plenty of love to share when mum and dad arrive home.  


Cavoodles have a “happy go lucky” outlook on life, and think everyone they meet is their new best friend.    They are suited to almost everyone, and their kind disposition makes them very popular with families.   Cavoodles are great with other pets can often be found curled up with the family’s cat.!


We consider Cavoodles to be low to medium energy and are best suited in an environment where they are taken for a daily walk.     They are not a yappy breed, but will let you know there is someone at the door.

They have low shedding coat, which will require regular grooming. We provide a Care Pack which includes a slicker brush to assist you with caring for your dog.



Cavoodle colours vary, which can be very confusing, our most common colours are Gold, Cream, Black & Tan and Black.   There are varying shades of gold and some breeders refer to them as "Ruby" however we simply refer to all gold puppies as "Gold".

Cavoodle puppies coats start off very flat with no wave in it, and as they grow their coats change. Generally by the time they are 4- 6 weeks old they are starting to appear fluffy.


Noses - Puppies that have white on their faces are almost always born with pink noses and slowly change to black over a 4 -12 week period.

How Much:

Our Cavoodles are $4000 desexed, vaccinated and microchipped


Height : to shoulder between 38 and 45cm

adult dogs can vary from 8kg (small miniature)

to 12kg for larger miniatures

Sorry we no longer breed Toy Cavoodles