At Omega Park we breed the very popular first generation (F1) and second generation (F2).  As our Spoodles are low shedding and combined with their exceptional natures makes them a great family pet for active families.


Spoodles are kind natured with a patient disposition which is often associated with the Cocker Spaniel. They are also regarded as being extremely intelligent an attribute inherited from the Poodle. As they have the best of both breeds this helps to make the Spoodle a quick learner who is easy to train.

Spoodles are friendly, loyal and outgoing. They are happy to mix with other dogs and are not easily flustered. Spoodles are best suited to a family environment or a home where they are considered to be a “part of the family”, as they love to play and mix with all members of the household.


As Omega Park Spoodles have low to non shedding coats they will require regular grooming. We provide a Care Pack which includes a slicker brush to assist you with caring for your dog.


Colours available are Gold, Cream, Chocolate, Black.

How Much:

Our Spoodles are $3000 desexed, vaccinated and microchipped

Spoodle Sizes:


Height : to shoulder between 35 and 46 cm

Weight : between 10 and 14 kg.